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What Is The Best French Bulldog Bed? Best Picks For Your Dog

french bulldog beds

Choosing the best bed for your French Bulldog is akin to selecting the perfect mattress for yourself, but with a twist. You’re hunting for a cozy nook that not only promises your furry friend a good night’s sleep but also withstands their unique quirks and preferences. Let’s dive into the world of French Bulldog beds with a mix of humor, practical advice, and, of course, some facts and figures to guide your quest for the perfect pooch pad.

french bulldog beds

What are the types of French Bulldog beds?

Flat beds

Flat dog beds usually look like pillows. They are filled with sponge or pp cotton and allow a dog to stretch all over it.

Orthopedic dog beds

Designed to support the joints, bones, and overall body, orthopedic beds are ideal for older French Bulldogs or those with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Since hip dysplasia is a common health issue in these pooches, buying this type of a dog bed is a must. These beds often feature memory foam to contour to the dog’s body.

Heated Beds

Heated beds are excellent for keeping your Frenchie warm and cozy, especially during colder months. They can also provide therapeutic benefits for dogs with achy joints.

Cooling beds for French bulldogs

Cooling beds are essential for regulating your Frenchie’s body temperature during hot weather, preventing overheating and ensuring comfortable rest. They usually feature a gel filling that gives a dog an immediate cooling relief.

frenchie sleeping on the bed

Bolstered beds for French bulldogs

Bolstered beds have raised edges or sides, offering a sense of security and a place for your Frenchie to rest their head. This type of bed can mimic the feeling of being cuddled, which is perfect for these affectionate dogs.

Cave Frenchie beds

Just like their name says, these dog beds look like caves and give dogs a feeling of safety. They’re a good pick for pooches that suffer from anxiety.

Where should a French Bulldog sleep?

Even though this might sound cruel to you, your Frenchie should not sleep with you. Every dog should have its own bed where it can stretch and relax. 

Otherwise, if you allow your furry friend to sleep in your bed then you can expect it to become a ‘’velcro dog’’. It will literally become your shadow and follow you even when you go to the bathroom.

Many people don’t know that giving a dog too much cuddles can also induce separation anxiety. And, to be honest, it’s the worst thing you can do to your pet. Therefore, our advice is to teach your dog to sleep in its own bed from the first day it arrives to your home. That’s how you’ll help it become an independent and well-behaved dog.

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Understanding the dog’s needs when choosing a French bulldog bed

French Bulldogs, with their charming squishy faces and comically bat-like ears, are not your average small breed. They come with a unique set of needs that make choosing their bed more of an art than a science. They’re known for their propensity to overheat, so breathability is key. They also love to snuggle and feel secure, making beds with bolsters or raised edges a potential hit.

Size Matters

First things first, size is crucial. Despite their compact stature, Frenchies love to stretch out and sprawl. A bed that’s too small will leave them hanging, quite literally. Opt for a bed that allows your Frenchie to stretch out fully, but not so large that they lose the cozy, enveloping feel they adore.

Materials Make a Difference

When it comes to materials, think cool, comfortable, and easy to clean. French Bulldogs can get hot and bothered in plush, overly warm beds. Materials like breathable cotton or mesh can keep your Frenchie cool and comfy. And let’s be real, Frenchies are adorable, but they can be messy little creatures. A bed with a removable, machine-washable cover will save you from many headaches.

In case you want to cold off your Frenchie in the summer, then you should look for a cooling French bulldog bed. Such beds are made of heat resistant fabrics and are usually filled with cooling gels. For the best cooling effect your dog can get, we recommend you to place it out of direct sunlight. Since gel can get warm in the sun, using these beds for Frenchies outside is not advisable.

french bulldogs beds

Support and Comfort

French Bulldogs might be small, but their beds need to pack a serious comfort punch. Look for beds with orthopedic support, especially if your Frenchie is on the older side or has joint issues. Memory foam is a great option, providing both comfort and support for those chunky little bodies.

You can also choose a French bulldog bed with elevated edges on the sides so your dog can place his/her head. Just imagine how it would feel to sleep without a pillow. Well, that’s how your Frenchie will feel in case he/she doesn’t have the place to put the head.

Durability is Key

Let’s not forget, French Bulldogs can be tenacious little tykes with a penchant for digging and chewing. A bed that can’t withstand a bit of Frenchie roughhousing is like a chocolate teapot – utterly useless. Opt for beds made with durable materials, and if your Frenchie is a notorious chewer, consider beds specifically designed to be chew-resistant.

Style and Aesthetics

Lastly, who says a dog bed can’t be stylish? Pick a bed for your Frenchie that complements your home decor. French Bulldogs are the epitome of cool, and their bed should be no exception. From chic minimalist designs to quirky, colorful patterns, there’s a bed out there that will not only please your Frenchie but also add a touch of flair to your home. Check our collection of French bulldog beds in cas you want to find one for your furry gremlin. 

The Ultimate French Bulldog Bed Selection Guide

To make your life easier, here’s a handy table to guide your French Bulldog bed shopping adventure:

Feature Why It’s Important What to Look For
Size Frenchies love to stretch Large enough for a full stretch but cozy enough for snuggling
Material They overheat easily and can be messy Breathable fabrics, removable & washable covers
Support Comfort is key, especially for older dogs Orthopedic support, memory foam
Durability Frenchies can be chewers and diggers Tough materials, chew-resistant designs
Style Your Frenchie is cool, their bed should be too Designs that match your home decor

What Are The Best Picks of French Bulldog Beds?

2 in 1 French Bulldog Bed

The 2-in-1 French Bulldog Bed is designed to be both a spacious bed and a cozy spot for dogs. It features a convertible design that can switch between a bed with elevated edges and a flat mattress. It’s made from pet-friendly fabric, filled with PP cotton for comfort and support, and comes in various colors. The bed is easy to clean and suitable for dogs of all ages, offering a practical and stylish solution for pet owners.

frenchie space shop 2-in-1 french bulldog bed

Cuddly Donut Frenchie Bed

This French bulldog bed offers superior relaxation for your beloved frog dog. Crafted with super-soft, faux fur fabric available in a variety of hues, this plush bed conforms perfectly to your Frenchie’s body for maximum comfort. Filled with cushiony polyfill stuffing, it beckons your pet to curl up and drift into sweet dreams. Its fashionable silhouette adds a touch of playful charm to your living spaces. 

frenchie space shop cuddly donut frenchie bed

Dogior Frenchie Bed

Made from skin-friendly fabric, this dog bed is one of favorite picks of our customers. It features elevated edges and it’s filled with soft sponge and pp cotton. The bottom is non-slipping, so your Frenchie won’t skid while jumping on it. We love the design because it’s inspired by a famous human-fashion brand.

frenchie space shop dogior frenchie bed

French Bulldog Shark Bed

The Shark bed is like a cozy hideout for your furry buddy, not just any bed. It’s like a chill spot shaped like a shark where your Frenchie can sneak into whenever they’re feeling the need for a snug retreat. It will give your pet a feeling of safety especially when you’re not at home. It’s kind of like their own little safe space that might help them feel less anxious. Plus, it’s got this cool, semi-open design that’s super inviting for them to hop in and relax. If your Frenchie suffers from separation anxiety, then this is the Frenchie bed to look for.

frenchie space shop french bulldog shark bed

Choosing the best French bulldog bed: Wrapping up

Remember, the best bed for your French Bulldog is one that meets their unique needs while also fitting into your lifestyle. It’s a balance between practicality and pampering, ensuring your Frenchie gets the royal treatment they undoubtedly believe they deserve.

In the quest for the perfect bed, don’t forget to involve your Frenchie in the decision-making process. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be lounging in it. A test run in the store or a returnable online purchase can save you from the heartbreak of an unloved dog bed sitting in the corner.

Choosing the perfect bed for your French Bulldog is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in their happiness and well-being. With the right blend of size, material, comfort, durability, and style, you’ll not only ensure your Frenchie has sweet dreams but also bring a smile to your face every time you catch them snoozing in their cozy haven

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