French Bulldog Backpacks

We’ve got something super special for your fur babies – our latest collection of French Bulldog backpacks! Besides backpacks for Frenchies that can carry potty bags and snacks, we also offer Frenchie backpacks that can be used instead of harnesses. Just attach the leash and your batpig is ready for a walk!

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When to use French bulldog backpacks?

We know that a walk with your Frenchie is no ordinary walk. They love staying entertained and occupied especially during training lessons. And, what’s better way to keep your pooch occupied that with treats?

That's why our backpacks are perfect for stashing all those essentials – think snacks for a quick munch, those important potty bags ,a water bottle for those thirsty moments, and, of course, their favorite squeaky toys. Choose between different sizes of our French bulldog backpacks and your pooch is ready to discover the world!

We can’t forget to mention that we also offer you backpacks for Frenchie parents. You can use them to put your dog inside and let him follow you on your adventures. In that way, you save your frog dog from getting tired especially in the summer months. As we all know, Frenchies quickly get tired so we can’t expose them to great exertions.

What are the best picks of French bulldog backpacks?

Besides backpacks for Frenchie parents, we offer you cute and stylish backpacks for Frenchies that can actually be used as harnesses. They feature attachment points and come with a matching leash. One of them is the Glam French bulldog backpack. It’s made of artificial leather and features nylon-webbing straps for additional safety.

Another pick that our customers love the most is the Froggy French Bulldog Backpack Harness. it’s available in duck and frog designs and can be used as a separate harness or a backpack for your pet.

The third pick is for those stylish batpigs who enjoy being at the center of attention! Multicolor French Bulldog Backpack is inspired by the famous human fashion brand and it can serve to carry snacks, poo bags and some small toys.