Summer Essentials

Summer’s here, and it’s getting hot out! Make sure your little gremlin stays cool and comfy with our French Bulldog Summer Essentials. We’ve got everything your Frenchie needs to chill out – literally! Check out our cooling dog beds that are perfect for those lazy, hot afternoons, and our super cool French bulldog cooling vests that’ll keep your pup comfortable during your sunny adventures.

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BarkVibe French Bulldog Harness

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Basketball French Bulldog Vest

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Blacklenciaga French Bulldog T-shirt

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BlossomNoir French Bulldog Harness

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BlueSea French Bulldog Life Jacket

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Cooling French Bulldog Vest

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Designer French Bulldog Harness

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ElegantSuit French Bulldog Shirt

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French Bulldog Bucket Hat

Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Why do French bulldogs need cooling items?

As we all know, these little gremlins are prone to heat stroke due to their flat skulls and short legs that put their bellies close to the ground. Luckily, our French bulldog summer items are here to save the day! Whether it's a blazing hot day or just a warm summer evening, we're here to keep your Frenchie feeling breezy.

Let’s kick things off with our cooling dog beds – a must-have for those scorching afternoons. These beds are designed to give your pup a cool spot to snooze without breaking a sweat. And for those on-the-go moments, our cooling vests are a game-changer. Just soak them in water, wring out, and strap them on your pup to help lower their body temp while out and about.

As one of the best summer cooling vests for French bulldogs, we recommend you check the Cooling French Bulldog Vest. It's made of a breathable mesh fabric and cooling fabric that help your pooch release extra heat from his body.

But that’s not all! We also have super chill cooling mats that are perfect for lounging indoors, outdoors, or even on the go. They're portable, easy to clean, and a total lifesaver during heat waves. And for the full cooling kit, don’t forget to check out our cooling collars and cooling bandanas which are stylish yet functional, keeping your Frenchie's neck cool and making heatwaves a lot more bearable.

While you’re here, grab a portable water bottle to keep your pooch hydrated, and consider some protective paw boots to guard those cute paws from hot pavements. In the end, their tiny paws do a lot for their bodies. Are we right? Sporty French Bulldog Shoes are one of those must-have items that will allow your dog to walk on hot pavements and sand.

Why do I need to have a life swimming vest for my French bulldog?

  1. Not Natural Swimmers: French Bulldogs have that chunky, muscular build with a heavy head and short snout, which doesn't make for the best swimmer. A life vest helps keep them afloat so they can enjoy the water without struggling.
  2. Safety First: Even if your Frenchie seems comfortable in water, currents, waves, or unexpected fatigue can be risky. A life vest adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring your buddy stays above water and visible.
  3. Stress Reducer: Water can be scary for some dogs, and a vest can provide a sense of security. Knowing they’re buoyant might just ease your pup into becoming more confident in the water.
  4. Visibility: Most life vests come in bright colors with reflective strips, making it super easy to keep an eye on your Frenchie. Whether it’s a crowded beach or a vast lake, spotting your pup becomes much simpler.
  5. Handle on Top: This is a real game-changer. If your dog gets into trouble or just needs a quick lift out of the water, a handle on the back of the vest makes it easy to scoop them up safely.
  6. Keeps Them Warm: Water can get chilly, and a life vest adds a bit of insulation to help your Frenchie maintain their body heat while swimming.
  7. Prolonged Playtime: With the help of a life vest, your Frenchie can enjoy longer periods of play in the water without getting too tired. More fun in the sun (and water)!

Therefore, besides investing in a quality life jacket for a Frenchie, you also need to consider buying summer essentials that will allow him/her spend more time outside.