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Best Picks of French Bulldog Accessories For The Summer Season

french bulldog accessories

As the summer heats up, it’s important to keep your French Bulldog comfortable and stylish. French Bulldogs are known for their distinctive looks and charming personalities, but their unique physical build makes them more susceptible to heat-related issues. That’s why choosing the right summer accessories is crucial for their health and happiness. In this article, we’ll explore the top 12 must-have French bulldog accessories for this summer, ensuring they stay cool, comfortable, and fashionable.

french bulldog accessories

The Importance of Having The Right French Bulldog Accessories 

We all agree that Frenchies are one of the most unique-looking dogs in the world. They steal attention wherever they appear and currently take the 1st place on the AKC list of the most popular dogs. And to be honest, we shouldn’t be surprised by this fact. French bulldogs easily fit any type of environment, they adore kids and kids adore them. So, what else does a perfect dog need to have?

On the other hand, Frenchies are not so perfect when talking about their health. They are prone to different health issues and allergies, bloating, and heatstroke are just some of them.

They shouldn’t spend a lot of time outside in the summer because their flat noses can’t regulate their body temperature so fast. That’s why we decided to make a list of the most important French bulldog accessories every owner needs to have. We promise you those items will help you have a peaceful summer with a Frenchie by your side.

Best French Bulldog Accessories For a Peaceful Summer Season

Cooling Vest

French Bulldogs can struggle with the heat due to their brachycephalic nature. A cooling vest is an excellent accessory to help regulate their body temperature. Simply soak it in water, wring it out, and put it on your dog to help them stay cool during those hot summer walks. The IceShield French Bulldog Vest is simple to use and it features a special cooling fabric inside. The mesh fabric is put with a purpose to allow skin breathing and give your pet an additional cooling effect while running and jumping.

frenchie space shop iceshield french bulldog vest

Our second pick of cooling vests for French bulldogs is the Mesh French Bulldog Cooling Vest. It features a D-ring on the back, reflective stripes on both sides and also a special inner addition that helps a dog in keeping his optimal body temperature.

frenchie space shop mesh french bulldog cooling vest

Portable Water Bottle

Hydration is key in the summer. A portable water bottle specifically designed for dogs allows you to provide fresh water to your French Bulldog anytime, anywhere, ensuring they stay hydrated during outdoor activities.

Don’t Forget Life Jackets For French Bulldogs

Since Frenchies are not good swimmers, life jackets represent one of the most important French bulldog accessories. As one of the best picks for keeping these little gremlins safe in the water, we recommend you to check the BlueSea French Bulldog Life Jacket. It comes with a safety handle on the back, features high-buoyancy floating panels, and it’s available in 4 colors.

frenchie space shop bluesea french bulldog life jacket

Sun-Protective Clothing

Protect your French Bulldog’s skin from harmful UV rays with sun-protective clothing. These lightweight garments are designed to cover their body without causing overheating, providing an extra layer of sun protection. Besides, this type of French bulldog clothes can keep allergens off from your dog’s skin. As we all know, seasonal pollen can lead to itchiness and even developing skin bumps on your Frenchie.

french bulldog accessories

Paw Protectors

Hot pavements can be harmful to your dog’s paws. Paw protectors are essential for keeping your French Bulldog’s feet safe and comfortable when walking on hot surfaces, preventing burns and discomfort. To protect your little gremlin from getting sun burns on their paw pads, we recommend you using  French bulldog shoes or sandals for the summer season. 

Summer sandals for Frenchies should be made of mesh and should have a protective bottom to keep their paws safe from hot pavements. Since walking on hot sand or concrete is quite painful, putting dog sandals on their paws can save them from this issue. They are one of the most important French bulldog accessories you need to have for your dog.

Comfortable Harness

Opt for a lightweight, breathable harness instead of a collar to provide comfort and control during summer outings. A good harness reduces strain on your French Bulldog’s neck and helps manage their breathing issues, especially in warm weather.

PupCream French Bulldog Harness is made of mesh and it can also be worn wet in order to give your pooch a cooling effect in the summer. Cooling harnesses are one of the most important French bulldog accessories your dog needs in hot weather. It comes with adjustable straps and provides a full chest support to stubborn pullers.

frenchie space shop pupcream french bulldog harness

Chill Mat

A chill mat offers your French Bulldog a cool spot to lie down and relax, whether at home or during a picnic. These mats typically use cooling gel or need to be refrigerated to provide relief from the heat.

Insect Repellent Gear

Protect your French Bulldog from mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas with insect repellent gear. There are various products available, such as collars, sprays, and even clothing treated with insect repellent to keep pests at bay.

Stylish Bandanas

Add a touch of style while keeping your French Bulldog cool with a wet bandana. You can soak these in water and they double as a fashionable cooling device.

Outdoor Dog Bed

An outdoor dog bed with breathable fabric helps keep your French Bulldog comfortable during outdoor activities. These beds often feature elevated designs to enhance air circulation and keep your dog cool.

As one of the options to cool off your Frenchie in the summer, we recommend you to check the Portable Rocking Frenchie Chair. It will help your dog cool off after a summer stroll and can also provide him/her with a calming effect. As your dog moves, the chair will swing and your pooch will enjoy sleeping on it.

frenchie space shop portable rocking frenchie chair

Doggy Pool

A doggy pool is a fun way for your French Bulldog to cool down in your backyard. Make sure it’s shallow and safe for your dog to splash around in without the risk of overheating.

Shaded Play Areas

Creating shaded play areas in your garden or patio can protect your French Bulldog from direct sunlight while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Travel-Friendly Dog Crate

For summer travels, a well-ventilated dog crate is an essential French bulldog accessory. It provides your French Bulldog with a safe and cool environment in the car, making summer trips more comfortable and enjoyable. In case you want to go hiking with your Frenchie, then you gotta check our Pawdventurer French Bulldog Backpack. It’s made of mesh and will prevent your dog of getting tired on those long walks and hiking adventures. The mesh fabric gives your batpig the essential ventilation which makes this French bulldog carrier the best pick for summer months. 

frenchie space shop pawdventurer french bulldog backpack

French Bulldog Summer Care Tips

Monitor for Overheating

Always keep an eye on your French Bulldog for signs of overheating during the summer. Symptoms can include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, and even vomiting.

Adjust Exercise Routines

Plan walks during cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late evening, and avoid strenuous exercise to prevent heatstroke.

Provide Plenty of Shade and Water

When outside, always provide access to shade and fresh drinking water to help your French Bulldog stay cool and hydrated.

Regular Grooming

Regular grooming helps remove loose fur and decrease the chance of overheating. Keep your French Bulldog’s coat short during the summer months to aid in temperature regulation.

Diet and Nutrition

Maintain a healthy diet with adequate water content to aid in hydration. You might also consider feeding your French Bulldog wet food during the summer to increase fluid intake.

What are the signs of heatstroke in French Bulldogs?

Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, drooling, reddened gums, uncoordinated movements, and collapse.

How often should I apply insect repellent to my French Bulldog?

It depends on the product’s instructions, but generally, it should be applied as needed and before any outdoor activity.

Can French Bulldogs swim?

While some French Bulldogs may enjoy paddling in shallow water, they generally are not strong swimmers due to their brachycephalic (short-nosed) structure and heavy upper body. Always supervise your French Bulldog around water and consider a doggy life vest for safety.

french bulldog accessories

Is it safe to shave my French Bulldog in the summer to help keep them cool?

Shaving a French Bulldog or any other dog with a short, smooth coat is not recommended. Their coat protects them from sunburn and helps regulate their body temperature. Instead, focus on regular grooming to remove excess hair and maintain coat health.

What type of sunscreen is safe for French Bulldogs?

Use a pet-safe sunscreen, especially formulated for dogs. Avoid sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), as these ingredients are toxic to dogs if ingested. Apply sunscreen to the nose, ears, and any other areas with thin or no hair.

How can I ensure my French Bulldog stays hydrated?

Provide constant access to fresh water, both indoors and outdoors. Consider adding water to their food or providing ice cubes as a treat. Also, carry a portable dog water bottle during outings to ensure they can drink whenever necessary.

Buying French Bulldog Accessories: Wrapping Up

Ensuring your French Bulldog is equipped with the right accessories and care is crucial during the summer months. By selecting items such as cooling vests, protective paw wear, and suitable sun gear, you can help prevent heat-related discomfort and health issues. 

Additionally, maintaining vigilant care routines, such as adjusting exercise schedules and monitoring for signs of heat distress, will keep your beloved pet safe and comfortable throughout the season. Enjoy the summer with your French Bulldog by preparing them with these essential accessories and care tips!

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