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Platinum French Bulldog Guide: Top 7 Things To Keep In Mind

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We all agree that rare-colored Frenchies possess something that steals our hearts at first sight. In the last few years, a platinum French bulldog gained a lot of popularity. They are famous for their silky and shiny coat color and blue or silver eyes that look almost unreal. Are we right?

If you want to become an owner of a Platinum French bulldog or some other rare or exotic Frenchie, then read on and discover all the important facts.

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What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and wondering about what type of that silver-white Frenchie you’ve just seen?Well, it probably was a platinum Frenchie, an exotic type of this breed. They are popular for their unreal beaty and coat which appears almost silver or pale in hue. Exotic platinum French bulldogs are taking the world by storm and they are often mistaken for White French bulldogs.

Physical appearance 

Platinum French Bulldogs boast a unique and highly sought-after aesthetic that sets them apart from other varieties within the breed. These dogs have compact and robust physique, which, despite their small size, exudes strength and agility. 

Coat of platinum Frenchies

Their muscular build is paired with a smooth, lustrous coat that feels soft to the touch. The coat of a Platinum French Bulldog is particularly noteworthy. Unlike the more common brindle, fawn, or pied patterns seen in French Bulldogs, the platinum coat has a unique sheen and a color that resembles a pale, silvery hue. 

This distinctive coloring is not just a simple variation but the result of specific genetic combinations, involving the dilution of the typical darker coat colors. This genetic twist gives them an almost otherworldly glow, making them highly prized among enthusiasts and breeders alike.

platinum french bulldog

Color Combinations of Platinum French Bulldogs

Cream Undercoat with Blue Sheen

This is what typically comes to mind when picturing a Platinum French Bulldog. A creamy, almost porcelain-like base coat that carries a subtle, ghostly blue sheen under certain lighting. This ethereal combination is the hallmark of the Platinum French Bulldog, achieved through a blend of the recessive blue gene and the expressive cream gene.

Chocolate Platinum

Imagine the warm, luscious tones of chocolate melting under a platinum glaze. Chocolate Platinum French Bulldogs exhibit this luxurious coat, where the deep, earthy undertones of chocolate are beautifully juxtaposed with a light platinum overlay. This delectable combination is both rare, exotic, and sought after, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.

Lilac Platinum

The Lilac Platinum Frenchie is a masterpiece of color genetics. With a base coat that whispers the softest hues of lilac, complemented by the platinum’s signature sheen, these Bulldogs look like they’ve been dipped in fairy dust. The lilac color, a delicate blend of chocolate and blue genes, underlines the platinum, creating an enchanting visual effect.

Platinum Brindle

For those who fancy a bit more pattern in their lives, the Platinum Brindle French Bulldog offers just that. This variation showcases the classic platinum color peppered with striking brindle stripes. The brindle pattern adds a layer of depth and texture to the coat, making it a captivating sight.

Platinum Pied

The Pied pattern in French Bulldogs is beloved for its charming, patchy appearance. When combined with the platinum color, it creates a Platinum Pied Frenchie, a dog that looks like it’s been artfully splashed with patches of cream and platinum. This variation is especially appealing for its playful and unique patterns.

Eyes that catch everyone’s eye

The expressive eyes of a Platinum French Bulldog can vary in color but often showcase shades ranging from dark brown, blue, to a mesmerizing hazel. Some individuals may even exhibit lighter eye colors, further enhancing their striking appearance. These expressive orbs, combined with their iconic bat ears — large, upright, and perfectly proportioned to their head — give them an irresistibly charming facial expression that is both curious and affectionate.

platinum french bulldog


The Platinum French Bulldog’s compact size, typically weighing under 28 pounds, makes them an ideal companion for a variety of living situations. Whether nestled in a cozy apartment or roaming a spacious backyard, they adapt well to their environment, proving that their physical and aesthetic qualities are matched by their versatile and loving nature.

 This balance of looks, temperament, and adaptability makes the Platinum French Bulldog a coveted pet for those lucky enough to call them family.

The genetics behind platinum Frenchies

The platinum color in French Bulldogs is not a color itself but the result of a combination of the cream gene (e) and two copies of the blue gene (dd), often combined with the chocolate gene (bb) and sometimes the pied gene (S). For a French Bulldog to be considered platinum, it must inherit these specific genetic markers from both parents. This means both the dam and sire must carry genes for blue and cream colors, and often chocolate, to produce a platinum offspring.

The role of selective breeding

Selective breeding plays a crucial role in achieving the platinum coat color in French Bulldogs. Breeders must carefully select the parents to ensure they carry the correct genetic combinations. This process involves genetic testing and a deep understanding of canine genetics to predict the likelihood of producing platinum puppies. By mating dogs that are carriers of the blue, cream, and often chocolate genes, breeders increase the chances of producing puppies with the desired platinum coat.

It’s important to note that selective breeding for specific traits like coat color must be done responsibly to ensure the health and well-being of the dogs involved. Overemphasis on physical appearance, including coat color, without consideration for genetic health, can lead to health issues down the line. Therefore, responsible breeders also focus on the overall health, temperament, and genetic diversity of their breeding stock, not just the aesthetic traits.

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Is a Platinum French bulldog rare?

Yes, Platinum Frenchies are extremely rare and they are not recognized by the AKC. So, in case you want to take your furry gremlin on shows, then this coat color won’t be a good pick for you. Achieving the platinum shade involves a complex mix of the cream gene, two copies of the blue gene, often combined with the chocolate gene, and sometimes the pied gene as well. Due to the rarity of these genetic combinations and the careful selection required in breeding, platinum Frenchies are less common than other color variations of the breed. 

What is the price of a Platinum French bulldog?

Alright, let’s talk turkey – or in this case, let’s talk the hefty price tag that comes with owning one of these lavish creatures. The cost of a Platinum French Bulldog can make your wallet weep, with prices often ranging from the high-end smartphone category to “maybe I should have bought that car instead.” A platinum Frenchie is higher price than standard French bulldogs not only because of their uniqueness but also because they’re difficult to produce. 

Here is the info about the price of a platinum French bulldog and what to expect.

Feature Average Price Range
Puppy Purchase $5,000 – $15,000+
Initial Vet Visits $200 – $500
Monthly Maintenance $100 – $300
Swanky Accessories Sky’s the limit


Note: Prices can vary widely based on breeder, location, and the dog’s lineage.

Possible health issues in Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs, like all French Bulldogs, are prone to certain health issues. The unique genetic combinations that give these dogs their distinctive appearance can also predispose them to various health concerns. Below are six health issues commonly seen in Platinum French Bulldogs, each under its own subheading for clarity.

1. Brachycephalic Syndrome

Due to their short skulls and flat faces, Platinum French Bulldogs often suffer from brachycephalic syndrome. This condition leads to breathing difficulties due to obstructed airways, overheating, and inadequate oxygen intake. Symptoms can include loud snoring, labored breathing, and fatigue during exercise.

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2. Skin Conditions

The smooth coat of a Platinum French Bulldog can be susceptible to skin conditions such as eczema, folliculitis, and allergies. These conditions often result from environmental factors, food allergies, or are genetically predisposed. Symptoms include itching, redness, and hair loss.

3. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common issue in many dog breeds, including English bulldogs, Pugs, Dachshunds, and Platinum French Bulldogs. This genetic condition results in a malformation of the hip joint, leading to pain, lameness, and arthritis. Early detection and management are crucial for improving the quality of life.

4. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

IVDD affects the spinal cord of Platinum French Bulldogs due to their compact build and genetic predisposition. It can lead to pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis. Symptoms include unwillingness to jump, back pain, and changes in gait.

5. Eye Conditions

Platinum French Bulldogs can inherit a predisposition to various eye conditions, including cherry eye, entropion, and cataracts. These issues can impair vision or lead to discomfort and require veterinary attention for management or correction.

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6. Congenital Heart Disease

Like many breeds, Platinum French Bulldogs can be prone to congenital heart diseases such as pulmonic stenosis or aortic stenosis. These conditions can affect the dog’s lifespan and quality of life, manifesting symptoms such as fatigue, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

How to take care of a Platinum French Bulldog?

These rare Frenchies require a little bit more care than their standard fellows. Here are the facts to keep in mind about them.

Brushing Their Coat

For that smooth, almost ethereal coat, a soft bristle brush or a grooming glove works wonders. These tools are gentle enough for their sensitive skin but effective at removing loose hair and distributing natural skin oils. You don’t need to brush them every day; a couple of times a week should keep their coat shiny and healthy.

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Choosing the Right Shampoo

When bath time rolls around, pick a hypoallergenic shampoo formulated for sensitive skin. Platinum Frenchies can be prone to skin issues, so using a mild shampoo helps prevent irritation. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any residue that could cause itchiness.

Our recommendation for a French bulldog shampoo is the Anti-Itch French Bulldog Shampoo you can find in our store. It features only natural ingredients such as olive oil and will make your platinum Frenchie’s coat shiny and silky.


Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimming

Regular ear cleaning is crucial for your Frenchie, as their bat-like ears can trap dirt and moisture. Use a dog-safe ear cleaner and gently wipe the outer ear. Avoid going too deep into the ear canal to prevent damage.

Nail trimming is another must-do because in-grown nails can be especially painful to your pet. You’ll know when is the time for trimming when you hear the nails clicking on the floor. To keep their nails trimmed, we recommend you to use a nail grinder for pets.

Cleaning Tear Stains

Yes, those tear stains can be a bit of a bummer on their beautiful faces. A soft, damp cloth can help wipe away the tears and keep stains at bay. French Bulldog Tear Stain Remover is one of the most popular picks from our store that will help in removing dark stains under your dog’s eyes.

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Regular Vaccinations and Health Checks

Keeping up with regular vaccinations and vet check-ups is non-negotiable. It’s the best way to prevent common diseases and catch any health issues early

Since the vaccination schedule differs from county to country, it’s important to ask your vet about it.

Lifestyle Tips

Platinum Frenchies aren’t just about the looks; they’ve got personality in spades. They love being part of the family, so involve them in your activities. However, remember they can overheat easily and have breathing challenges, so keep exercise light and always have fresh water handy. Summer-Cooling French Bulldog Vest is available in our shop and it can give a your pet a pleasant cooling effect when worn wet.

You just have to soak it in the cold water, and then twist it dry and dress your Frenchie.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Diet

Choosing the right diet for your platinum Frenchie is extremely important. Since they’re prone to allergies, they should not eat food rich in by-products, additives and other artificial ingredients. Instead, pick a raw diet for your Frenchie in order to keep their skin and coat elastic and healthy.

Are Platinum French Bulldogs good with children?

Yes, Platinum French Bulldogs are typically good with children and make affectionate and playful companions for families. However, just like with any other pet, you need to set up boundaries from the start. Every dog should get socialization lessons in order to behave obediently in the future.

Are Platinum French Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, Platinum French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic, as they shed moderately and produce dander like any other dog breed.

Finding the Platinum French Bulldog: Wrapping up

Regardless of what color of a Frenchie you want to buy, the most important thing to keep in mind is their well-being. Do not buy dogs for a low amount of money because those breeders are often dealing with puppy mills. Instead, buy a platinum French bulldog of a reliable breeder because those puppies will be less prone to health issues in the future.

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