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Why Do French Bulldogs Smell Bad? How To Solve This Issue?

french bulldogs stink

Do French bulldogs really smell bad? Well, let me tell you what I know about this popular breed and how to deal with any odor issues. 

French Bulldogs are adored for their affectionate personalities and cute little faces. But one concern potential owners have is whether or not they tend to smell. As a French Bulldog lover myself, I wanted to find out what causes their scent and share some tips for keeping them fresh.

do french bulldogs smell bad

So why do Frenchies sometimes smell? There are a few key reasons:

The role of genetics

First of all, genetics play a role. French Bulldogs have compact bodies with short coats, so air doesn’t circulate as well and odors can build up more easily. Their DNA also makes them prone to health problems that contribute to smell, like tail and ear infections or skin conditions. 

Their physical appearance

Additionally, their facial structure is flat with narrowed nostrils. This means they can’t breathe as freely as other dogs. Poor airflow leads to more bacteria and odor-causing particles lingering around. 

Lack of exercise

Exercise is another factor. French Bulldogs don’t require as much activity as some other breeds. But a lack of movement means fewer opportunities to air themselves out. Their skin oils and natural musk just sit there.

The good news is with some routine care, you can absolutely minimize smells. Regular bathing, ear cleanings, drying thoroughly, and brushing their coats go a long way. A healthy diet also supports skin and coat health to cut down on odor production.

With some love and attention to their unique needs, French Bulldogs can absolutely be just as fresh as any other dog! Let me know if you have any other questions.

French bulldog smell – wrinkles and folds

Those charming wrinkles and skin folds on French Bulldogs might seem like the perfect spots for collecting cute puppy kisses, but they can also trap moisture and bacteria. The result? A not-so-pleasant odor. Their wrinkles are not as big as in English bulldogs, but if you do not clean them properly and daily, those folds can become smelly! So, it’s essential to keep these little wraps clean and dry. 

Ear and dental hygiene can have an impact on French bulldog’s smell

French Bulldogs are just so darn cute with their big floppy ears, but those ears can cause some issues if not taken care of properly. Because the ears are floppy and close to their head, it creates a nice warm and moist environment in there that bacteria just loves. Yeast infections are super common in French Bulldog ears because of this. Plus, you can imagine how bad that must smell with all that gunk and yeast building up! Their ears need to be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent any stinky situations.

Dental hygiene is also important for any dog, not just French Bulldogs. We all know how dogs like to chow down on bones and chew toys, but all that can lead to tartar buildup and bad breath over time if their teeth aren’t taken care of. Brushing their teeth a few times a week is best to keep them clean and reduce odors. And if you’re not sure how to properly brush their teeth, it’s a good idea to have a professional do it for you at first so they can show you the right technique. Keeping up with ear cleaning and dental care is really important for Frenchies to keep their signature charm without any funky smells getting in the way.

do french bulldogs smell badDiet and its impact on French Bulldog odor

You know, the old saying is true – you are what you eat. And the same definitely goes for our furry little friends. What a dog eats can really impact their overall health and well-being. This includes something we don’t always think about – their body odor. Now, French Bulldogs tend to have more sensitive stomachs than other breeds. It’s just something about their genetics that can make digestion a little trickier. Because of this, they’re more prone to gas, flatulence, and those funny little toots and sounds they make. But it’s not just funny noises – it can also mean not-so-funny smells. 

The good news is, we can help minimize odor issues with their diet. It’s important to provide a balanced, nutrient-rich meal plan while avoiding some gassy culprits. Foods like beans, eggs, and lots of carbs can cause digestive distress in these pups. That doesn’t mean never giving them a bite of these foods as a treat. But going heavy on them all the time is a recipe for stinky disaster! Stick to moderate portions of any high gas-producing ingredients. A balanced diet is best for their tummy and their aroma.


How to keep French bulldogs from smelling bad?

Okay, now that we have covered some of the reasons for Frenchies’ bad smells, it is time to get to the solutions! How can you help your French bully to stay clean and smell good? Here are some tips and advice:

  • Hydration 

Hydration is so important for keeping odors at bay in any living thing, including our precious French bulldogs. Make sure your Frenchie always has a bowl of clean water nearby that’s being refilled regularly. Staying hydrated does the body good in many ways. For one, it helps flush toxins out of the system. Can you imagine how much better your pup will smell if their body is ridding itself of waste? Proper hydration also aids digestion.

The more efficiently food passes through, the less gassy and stinky they’ll be! We’ve all been there with an upset tummy. I’m sure we can imagine how it would be with the extra sensitivity that dogs have. So do your pup a favor and make water always available. It will improve their scent and also their comfort. A happy, healthy Frenchie is the goal, right? Keeping them hydrated is an easy way to support that.

  • Keep your French bulldog clean to prevent smells

Regular bathing with dog-friendly shampoos can do wonders for controlling odor in your French Bulldog. Bathing is not just soaking your puppy in water and soap – no, no! You should wash them thoroughly, clean their ears, eyes, and wrinkles, and, of course, dry them in a proper way!

  • Bathing a French bulldog is not hard, just make sure to have lukewarm water, good shampoo, and some traits to give them as positive reinforcement!
  • Cleaning Frenchies’ ears should be done with a special ear solution and some cotton swabs, gently, and you need to dry them with clean tissue.
  • French bulldog eye cleanup is a piece of cake with a tear stain remover, and you should be gentle and always pat dry the area with a clean tissue.
  • When you are cleaning French bulldogs’ wrinkles and folds, the most important thing is to dry them properly after cleaning. Any moisture excess in these areas is an opportunity for bacteria and infection to show up!
  • French bulldog Tail pocket cleaning is a must! Their tail pocket is a perfect spot for bacteria and dirt build-up, and that can cause smells! This is a spot that seeks special attention when cleaning your French puppy. The tail pocket should be cleaned daily, even several times a day! You can use a wet towel or even baby wipes. In bath time, wash the tail pocket and dry it thoroughly! If there are signs of infection in this area, visit your vet as soon as possible!

french bulldog smell bad

  • Maintaining a clean living environment

Regularly clean your French Bulldog’s bedding, toys, and living areas. Frenchies live to nap, especially if they have their own comfy bed that will be their favorite spot. You need to keep it clean and fresh! Odors can linger on these items and contribute to an overall unpleasant smell. 

Vacuuming regularly and using air fresheners or pet-safe odor eliminators can help maintain a fresh and clean environment for both you and your Frenchie. Vacuuming is important because even though French bulldogs have short coats, they still do shed. Sheded hairs can be the cause of allergies and can collect dust and impurities. When you clean your Frenchie and their living area, you may be sure that odors and smells will not be part of your everyday life!

  • French bulldog diet changes to prevent smell

We have mentioned that Frenchies’ diet can have some serious impact on their smell, but if you try some changes that can help manage this problem! Some experts say that maybe the best way to deal with their digestive problems is to give them more raw food. A raw diet for French bulldogs is an option that is full of raw ingredients from meat to veggies and fruits. Still, before trying something like this, consult your veterinarian!

For less smelling gas in Frenchies, you should try to avoid dry dog food that is bad quality and has additives, artificial colors, and preservatives. Those foods can cause smelly gases and allergies and are generally bad for your dog’s health. Try some homemade meals and certified dog food that has good ingredients. Always keep your pup hydrated since water is a body cleanser and can help their digestion system work properly. Give them high-fiber foods that can help them maintain good tummy work and less smelly gases!

French bulldog smell – conclusion

While French Bulldogs may occasionally have odor-related issues, they can easily be managed with proper care and attention. Some cleaning and attention, a bit of grooming, and some special care can make yuor frenchie sparkly clean and fantastically smelling!

Despite their reputation, French Bulldogs are not inherently smelly dogs. If properly cared for and given the necessary attention to their health and hygiene, they can be as clean and fresh as any other breed. Don’t let misconceptions deter you from enjoying the company of these delightful little companions! 

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